In some cases, individuals have chosen to repurpose unused closets in their homes and turn them into mini workspaces. In other instances, we see walk-in closets that serve as multipurpose spaces in which to display clothing and accessories and incorporate a desk setup. No matter which kind of cloffice most speaks to you and your lifestyle, you can’t go wrong implementing one in your own space.

  • If you do love a good fragrance, you might want to keep an oil diffuser on your desktop.
  • It would be just big enough to slide the chair into.
  • After the pieces are assembled, this can be put together in less than an hour (minus paint drying time).
  • Choose a generously-sized desk and a comfortable chair.
  • It may seem impossible to makeover an entire room for only $100, but it it totally doable with just a little creativity.
  • What you find inside a wall often isn’t “typical.” I encountered a 2×6 drywall backer nailed over drywall that ran over the top plate, probably from a previous remodel.

From the underside of the shelf, screw the brackets into the wood shelf so they are connected (you can drill small pilot holes first if you choose). Take the brackets, and hold them so the side with four holes is pointing down. The first two holes should line up close enough so you can screw them into 2 holes on the side of the PAX. For holes 3+4, you can either leave them alone, or just basically drill new holes into the PAX to screw through those holes as well. You want to install 4 brackets, so one in each hole set (two on each side of the PAX.) These will support the custom shelf.

Best Desk Setup Ideas for Your Home Office in 2023

Although smaller fitted closets might not have space for any cabinets, most closet offices have the area to fit at least one good set of drawers. Probably the most logical place for a tiny drawer is underneath the table. Allow for adequate leg and knee space for when you are seated, and sufficient room to bring your seat inside before you shut your office at the end of the day.

putting desk in closet

Even if you don’t work from home, you might long for a dedicated space for your craft or hobby, or a place for kids to do their homework. After a few hours, caulk any edges of the top where there converting closet to office is a slight gap between the wall. Use the smoothest side of your plywood for the desk top. Your longest brace piece should be about 4-6 inches shorter than the length of the back wall.

Avoid clutter in a closet office

For H&G, she writes features about interior design – and is known for having an eye for a beautiful room. Since this desk is part of my $100 Room Challenge makeover, I have to keep the budget as low as possible. After the sealer is dry, cut a hole for your cords to go through.

You want to spread the lighting around by adding puck lights, desk lamps, and mounted sconces to dark corners. Having no doors makes a small space office appear larger; the downside is lack of privacy. However, curtains and dividers can easily separate work and home life without taking up too much space. In a small workspace with ambient light, task lamps increase illuminance which helps with focus-based activities.

Step 3 –  Draw a Level Line and Find Studs

I have the excess extension cord gathered with a cable tie and hung under the bottom of the desk. The next day after clear-coating your desktop, tape the edge of the desk to prevent any paint from getting on it. Now you can make a pilot hole in your 1×2 where the stud is and drill a hole to get the screw started. Last drill your wood screw through the brace and into the wall stud. Once you have drilled all the holes in the 1×2’s, hold them up against the wall.

  • A closet office, also known as a “cloffice,” is a compact and functional workspace that is designed within a closet.
  • I made marks on the walls where I wanted to put drywall anchors and again held up my support braces and marked where the anchors would be on the wall.
  • The sitting area between the master bedroom and bathroom is a peaceful place for a desk area.
  • If you prefer wallpaper, this can be a great zone to use an energizing pattern that might be too busy for a larger room.
  • Thus, what we call a WFH closet, or a cloffice, has evolved into a trend of its own.