What’s different with a remote meeting is that you’re just not all in the same physical space. Instead, you’re linked live via technology – phone or the internet. Ideally using video in a way that everyone can see everyone else, but “virtual reality” and even text chat can work. Keeping your team engaged is at the heart of a productive and happy workplace. how to run a successful remote meeting Whether you’re managing a fully remote or hybrid team, you can start applying some best practices to your team meetings and make the most out of your time together. If most team members are working remotely or under a hybrid model and have fewer opportunities to chat, make time for personal and informal conversations at the beginning or end of the session.

remote meeting meaning

Standup meetings are essential in ensuring everyone is on board with achieving the team’s objective. They also act as a check-in to share the progress, setbacks, or updates on the progress of the goals. Ideally, each team member’s job is something they need to do over the duration of the meeting so that they’re engaged from start to finish, rather than being assigned a “one and done” task. Not having a clear purpose for each attendee is the quickest way to kill team engagement. Setting a clear meeting agenda and guidelines will help ensure that everyone is on the same page before the digital meeting takes place.

Effective remote meeting best practices your team needs to succeed

Listening to presentation after presentation can stunt outside thinking and idea-sharing and possibly lead togroupthink. Support sharing all questions and ideas (no matter how «out there» they are), and be willing to have an open discussion on big decisions; while leaving the judgments at the door. You’ll find that just one person doesn’t do most accomplishments in an organization. Sharing these victories can help boost morale across the board — starting your meeting off on the right foot. Wrike Blog Latest news and best practices on project management. Gantt Charts Interactive project scheduling across teams.

Send the summary to all the meeting attendees so everyone knows what the next steps are and who’s responsible for each deliverable. Team meetings are beneficial to keep everyone aligned no matter where they’re located. While different meetings will have different “rules,” there are some basic etiquette practices everyone should follow to create a smooth online meeting experience.

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The second part of Job’s advice on this point is to use the agenda to reduce your meeting times. The best way to update or start the schedule of a recurring meeting is to remove the need to do so. There’s no reason for everyone to sync up just to learn something. It turns out that information sharing is one of the easiest async practices to master. Take the information and put in a place where everyone can access it on their own time.

remote meeting meaning

Remote meetings can also be used to connect with clients, customers, or business partners who are located in different cities, states, or continents. If you notice that someone on the team is trying https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ to contribute but getting overshadowed by more extroverted team members, carve out time for them to speak . Some team members may still be reticent to pipe up during a digital meeting.

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Not only is it important to plan out what you will be discussing in your remote meetings, but it’s equally as important to factor in when you’re holding said meetings. If you have team members working in multiple time zones, schedule the virtual meeting within a time frame that is respectful for all. GoToMeetingGoToMeeting is a convenient online meeting tool that allows users to conduct video sessions and offers plenty of features. At its best, technology in the workplace should be used to streamline processes and make information more accessible to teams and team members.

remote meeting meaning

Take a few minutes for icebreaker activities, and if the platform you’re using allows for it, test out the poll, quiz, and breakout room features. Video conferencing is a lot like teleconferencing, except with the addition of video. This type of remote conference allows participants to see one another via webcams.

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While video conferencing can be a great way to connect with your teammates, everybody has different comfort levels when it comes to being on camera. And as a people leader, you have to put the well-being of your employees first and respect individual boundaries. Team leadership Support managers with the tools and resources they need to lead hybrid & remote teams.

Use 2 or more monitors to split the speaker’s image and the meeting material and view them on each screen. Instead of displaying yourself on the screen, set your profile with a realistic 3D human avatar. Ranee has worked in the SaaS industry for nearly ten years. She loves working with, learning from, and helping develop effective leaders and is willing to share her thoughts through words.

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Technology, tools, mobile network infrastructure, internet ubiquity, and a cultural understanding of virtual communication all contribute to making remote work increasingly feasible. Those who have a negative view of remote work, but are curious to see how the space is evolving, stand to gain much from attending remote work conferences and summits. Video conference meetings are great ways to remotely connect with team members and other workforce personnel. They add a bit more personalization than teleconferencing by allowing members to see one another.

  • And once achieved, collaboration can be unleashed, candor can be unleased and so too peer-to-peer accountability.
  • I cover the future of work, team effectiveness, and growth strategies.
  • Your virtual meeting can be a great opportunity to share ideas and gain insight from your colleagues.
  • Doing so will allow for an easy follow-up of the suggestions’ implementation.
  • Sales Teams Create embeddable demo calendars with shared availability and Round Robin scheduling.
  • Furthermore, it also promotes a healthy working environment in a virtual setting.

Research and compare your options to see which ones will work best for you and your remote team members. In virtual meetings, the link to join the remote discussion will be the location field, audio guidelines, or any specific system requirements. Also, add a phone number for virtual meetings as it makes it easier for people who’ll join on the go from their mobile phones.

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Hearing from attendees may just give you ample ideas on how you can make future meetings even more inclusive and efficient for everyone involved. There is an abundance of technology out there that makes the process of running an online meeting easier, faster, and more collaborative—the key is figuring out which of these tools is right for your team. Because of delays and connectivity issues, it’s easier to accidentally talk over one another in a remote meeting—and it makes it hard for everyone else to hear. If you’re asking a question, for example, leave a couple seconds of silence after to give people room to answer before moving on.