larry hite

He has been profiled and recognized as one of the best in the industry in numerous major international publications. By 1990, Mint had become the largest Commodity Trading Advisor in the world in terms of assets under management. In 1990, Jack Schwager dedicated a chapter of his bestselling book, Market Wizards to Hite’s trading and risk management philosophy. So how can you become a trend following winner like Hite? Hite first read an article about commodity trading in Playboy.

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larry hite

He retired from Burlington Industries in Clarksville after 30 years and then continued his career with Altria Group, in Richmond, retiring in 2009. During his life, he was a member of the Clarksville Ruritan Club and was active in the Bluestone Athletic Boosters. His favorite pastime was watching and sideline coaching his beloved grandchildren in their varied extracurricular sports and activities.

Larry J. Hite

He is best known as the founder of Mint Investment Management Company. During his 13-year tenure at Mint, the composite of funds achieved a compounded annual rate of return greater than 30% before fees during that period. Hite pioneered the use of the “guaranteed fund” concept, which helped Mint become the first hedge fund to raise over $1 billion.

Some of these systems may not be that good by themselves, but we really don’t care; that is not what they are there for. Throughout my trading career, I have continually witnessed examples of other people that I have known being ruined by a failure to respect risk. If you don’t take a hard look at risk, it will take you. BlackBull Markets is a reliable and well-respected trading platform that provides its customers with high-quality access to a wide range of asset groups. The broker is headquartered in New Zealand which explains why it has flown under the radar for a few years but it is a great broker that is now building a global following. The BlackBull Markets site is intuitive and easy to use, making it an ideal choice for beginners.

While in college, Hite was a rock music promoter and managed musicians’ performances rather than their money. A sometime actor and screenwriter, he eventually got serious about staying with the music business. However, after several incidents caused him to question his career path, he decided to enter the world of investments as a stockbroker in 1968. In 2000, Hite chose to focus on his family office activities, which included proprietary trading and the funding of continued research and development in the field of systematic trading. Joined by former members of the original Mint team, Hite formed Hite Capital Management.

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Back then – just as he does now – he advocated volatility tracking of at least 10 to up to 100 days in order to make an educated investment decision. Small town guy starts at a 1970s gas station and becomes a trading legend worth $100 million. Listen to my interview with Larry Hite here.

He said that he failed at blocks in kindergarten. Out of the gate, that should put his views on formal education into context. Like many rags to riches success stories, Hite grew up in the prototypical middle-class, New York-area apartment. His father owned a small business, but there were no silver spoons for his kids. There are good bets, bad bets, bets that you win, and bets that you lose.

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First, we probably trade more markets worldwide than any other money manager. Second, we don’t just use a single best system. To provide balance, we use lots of different systems ranging from short to long term.

larry hite

Unknown to many, there is a great connection between successfully trading and successfully playing poker. The winning traders and the winning poker players both think in terms of odds. Larry Hite cofounded Mint Investment Management Company and carefully grew it into the biggest and most influential commodity trading advisor firm of 1991. Of course, what would a reputation be without the facts to back it up?

Hite was blessed with learning disabilities, vision problems, and, by his own account, a short attention span. With a big smile and a touch of sarcasm, he proudly stated that those problems were the secret to his success. Well, those issues really didn’t cause his success, but knowing that Hite overcame many negatives is where your inspiration can start.

No matter how many people tell you why the market shouldn’t be that high, or why nothing has changed, the mere fact that the price is at a new high tells you something has changed. Never risk more than 1% of total account equity on any one trade. By risking 1%, I am indifferent to any individual trade. Keeping your risk small and constant is absolutely critical. Get Mark Richards’s Software Architecture Patterns ebook to better understand how to design components—and how they should interact. Hite never diverged from this strategy, and as computers and programs became more commonplace, he upgraded his software to remain on the cutting edge of the business.

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Larry Hite has built a reputation for taking hedge fund management to the next level. He is considered legendary in that he consistently managed to get clients actively involved in the trading method, leading to increased investor commitment to the entire trading process. A 1986 Business Week article jokingly sets him apart from what is termed a stereotypical “wild-eyed” trader in commodities.

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He established Mint Investment Management Company and achieved an annual return of more than 30% or more before fees for 13 years. Hite retired from active management in 1994 and currently is a managing director at Hite Capital Management LLC. In episode 182 we welcome our guest, Larry Hite. Larry and Meb start off the conversation with Larry’s origin as a trend follower, and the parallels to trend following and life. Next, Larry gets into his start in investing, combing through hundreds of years of data and finding that cutting losses and letting winners run really works. He then transitions into some underlying foundations about how he thinks about trading, including, putting the odds in your favor by creating asymmetrical bets.


In 1990, Jack Schwager dedicated a chapter of his bestselling book, Market Wizards, to Hite’s trading and risk management philosophy. In the same year, Hite began adding systematic trading of equity markets to the Mint managed futures portfolio. During this time, he also formed a partnership with the Man Group and pioneered the principal protected fund concept, leading to a number of successful structured products and financial engineering innovations. In this video, Michael Covel, author of the best selling book, Trend Following, interviews Larry Hite who is one of the most successful traders, investors, and trend followers of the last 25 years. He is a hedge fund manager and commodities trader who is one of the forefathers of system trading. He is widely considered one of the top 100 investors of the 20th century.

  • Is the definition of a market veteran, he’s someone who first developed an interest for trading and markets during the 60’s… Besides a reputation for extreme…
  • Even if you’ve reviewed us before, would you please write even a short one for this episode?
  • He formerly held similar positions at Paine Webber and Smith Barney, with a total of twenty-two years’ experience heading up futures research departments.
  • During his life, he was a member of the Clarksville Ruritan Club and was active in the Bluestone Athletic Boosters.

Every memory left on the online obituary will be automatically included in the book. To send flowersto the family or plant a treein memory of Lawrence S «Larry» Hite, please visit our floral store. The empowering story of Larry Hite’s unlikely rise to the top of the hedge fund world – with critical insights and lessons you can take to the bank…. When a market makes a historic high, it is telling you something.

The Mint Guaranteed Fund – a Series A fund – proved to become a steadily leading frontrunner among 76 other publicly traded commodity funds. Hite also proved that cunning investment strategy, coupled with investor commitment, could benefit more than one fund. The Mint Limited Fund managed to rise 20% in 1986, which also is a rather respectable showing.

Dyslexic, failing at school, and partially blind: How Larry Hite overcame the odds to become one of the most s – Business Insider India

Dyslexic, failing at school, and partially blind: How Larry Hite overcame the odds to become one of the most s.

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Peggy and family, I am so sorry to hear about Larry’s passing. I think the last time I saw you both was at the big slide at Lake Fest years ago. You were both watching your grandchildren and I was watching mine too. God will bless you if you take one day at a time and be thankful for all your precious memories. Graveside services were held Monday, Jan. 23 at Gravel Hill Baptist Church, with a reception for family and friends that followed in the church fellowship hall. Larry J. Hite, age 75, of Chase City, and formerly of Nelson died Friday, Jan. 20, 2023.

Winning a bad bet can be the most dangerous outcome of all, because a success of that kind can encourage you to take more bad bets in the future, when the odds will be running against you. You can also lose a good bet no matter how sound the underlying proposition, but if you keep placing good bets, over time, the law of averages will be working for you. Born in Brooklyn without a silver spoon in his mouth, partially blind in one eye, and Dyslexic- back before “Dyslexia was even a ‘thing’, this man’s current net worth is over One Hundred Million Dollars. Today we are lucky to visit with Mr. Larry Hite. Larry is an ADHD investor, trend follower and pioneer of system trading and the guaranteed fund concept.

Jack D. Schwager is Director of Futures Research and Trading at Prudential Securities. He formerly held similar positions at Paine Webber and Smith Barney, with a total of twenty-two years’ experience heading up futures research departments. He is also a Commodity Trading Advisor and one of the coprincipals of Wizard Trading. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. To send flowers to the family of Larry Francis Hite, please visit our Heartfelt Sympathies Store.