This allows investors and partners to see the financial status of the company at the end of the fiscal year. Pro forma financial statements help in decision-making and strategic planning. These statements allow you to directly compare the possible results to determine which is better and guide you through the planning process. Pro forma financial statements give banks information about your ability to make payments while continuing to run your business. “The statements also provide them with the assurance that you understand the operations of your business and what can cause fluctuations in your earnings,” said Taylor. While it’s helpful to know what a company’s management has planned, it’s important to view these projections with skepticism.

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  • This enables the company to accommodate any potential for profit/loss by changing production strategy, materials, or even the rate at, or timing of, the production of the goods.
  • This is also true of companies that change tax status from a private, nontaxable company to a taxable C-corporation to file for an IPO.
  • Pro forma financial statements help in decision-making and strategic planning.
  • These statements help in making budgets and provide outsiders with an overview of the company’s results because they present the organization’s forecasts for future periods based on specific assumptions.

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types of pro forma statements

For example, through pro forma statements, you can identify that you may not need two accounting departments and two HR functions in a merger. The statements can also help you predict the economic changes that will come with the merger and how to ensure your business is ready for those. Pro forma statements can significantly benefit businesses by offering data for planning and predicting future economic changes, analyzing risks, securing funding, and making merging/selling decisions. Pro forma statements do not follow the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), because reports that comply with GAAP must rely on historical data and not anticipated cash flow. Your pro forma statement won’t be accurate if you miscalculate depreciation, income taxes, amortization, unsold inventory, or other figures.

  • Knowing how the pro forma documents are compiled and what is left out is also critical when comparing different pro forma statements.
  • They’re a way for you to test out situations you think may happen in the future to help you make business decisions.
  • Using pro forma results to grossly misconstrue GAAP-based results and mislead investors is deemed by the U.S.
  • Be advised that issuing pro forma financial statements to the public can be problematic, especially since the pro forma statements and the GAAP statements can vary so widely.

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The same holds true for the process of preparing income statements and cash flow statements. It differs when you begin forecasting various line items and calculating how those projections impact your bottom line. For cases in which your company is specifically seeking funding, you want to show your potential investors how the company’s financial results will change with their investment. There may be several sets of these pro forma documents, each based on different potential investment amounts, or just one based on what you think you need. For this projection, you need to determine where in your company the investments would be parlayed. For example, you may be able to add the investment onto the balance sheet under the cash row in the historical with acquisition pro forma template, or you may have to divide the investment under multiple rows.

Unexpected events, bad assumptions, and other factors can lead to dramatically different results. Pro forma income statements are important because of the information they can offer a company. If, for example, it is preparing to produce new goods, the financial statements can help forecast if producing the new goods will cause expenses to increase. This enables the company to accommodate any potential for profit/loss 5 ways to give workers more autonomy by changing production strategy, materials, or even the rate at, or timing of, the production of the goods. These reports provide key stakeholders, investors, and creditors the foresight needed to make decisions and strategically plan. Managers and individual contributors can also benefit from creating pro forma statements, enabling them to understand different factors impacting business units.

Businesses create annual budgets that fall in line with a company’s profitability and production goals. “This is called sensitivity analysis (determining the sensitivity of the firm’s performance to different variables) and can help both firm insiders and potential suppliers of capital determine the risks of the firm,” Johnson added. As an example, he explained that if the base case is that revenue grows by 20% over the next few years, one may want to lower that projected growth rate to, say, 10%, to see how the firm’s financials look. Sakshi Udavant covers small business finance, entrepreneurship, and startup topics for The Balance. For over a decade, she has been a freelance journalist and marketing writer specializing in covering business, finance, technology. Her work has also been featured in scores of publications and media outlets including Business Insider, Chicago Tribune, The Independent, and Digital Privacy News.

Using pro forma statements that aren’t marked as such to misrepresent your business to investors, the IRS, or financial institutions can be penalized by the Securities and Exchange Commission). The percent of a sales forecasting method, for example, involves determining future expected sales and finding trends across accounts in statements. Often, events depicted in the pro-forma financial statements have yet to occur, so the actual financial picture of the company may be very different from the picture presented. Forecasts made from these financial statements may or may not contain an even higher degree of deviation from the actual state of the company. If outside funds are needed, pro forma statements can help present the expected future results to lenders and other investors. Managers can use pro forma statements for a variety of reasons to illustrate the effects of executive decisions or expected changes in business.

Issues With Pro-Forma Financial Statements

Pro forma financial statements enable investors to do that with available information. With Bench, you get a crystal clear image of your financial history so you can focus on planning your future. We’re America’s largest bookkeeping service helping thousands of business owners better understand the financial health of their operations so they can keep focused on growth and planning. When it comes time to create a pro forma statement, you have reliable numbers and reports to get started. Keep in mind that the general process of creating pro forma financial statements isn’t significantly different from that of creating traditional statements. The difference lies in the assumptions and adjustments made about various inputs, while the format and calculations remain the same.

Pro Forma Cash Flow Statement

However, pro forma financial statements help you create business plans, make financial forecasts, and get money from potential investors and lenders. Pro forma statements can be used to project the impact of financial decisions on your business. The pro forma financial statements – balance sheet must contain current assets like accounts receivable and cash and then cover income that is within the scope of this financial statement. The claimed rationale should include the current income and the general schedule that follows the bill payment. These statements are useful for making estimates and analyzing future risks, but they’re not foolproof.

Understanding Pro-Forma Earnings

Since we can’t predict the future, don’t rely solely on pro forma financial statements. Your assumptions could wind up wrong, throwing off your financial projections. After a major acquisition, a public company must prepare a secondary balance sheet and income statement as if the purchase occurred at the beginning of the year.

Pro forma financial statements – Balance Sheets

If you enable them, they have the best and worst-case scenarios that review the fiscal impact of their decisions and possible ways to mitigate risk. For more information on conducting risk analyses and the free templates to do so, see “All the Risk Assessment Matrix Templates You Need.” As an example, your team might need to decide between the acquisition of two separate businesses. You could deliver to them two sets of pro forma financial statements, and two risk assessment templates to use to discover their best option.

It is not a true invoice because it is not used to record accounts receivable for the seller and accounts payable for the buyer. The term is used in legal and business fields to refer to various types of documents that are generated as a matter of course. A pro forma invoice requires only enough information to allow customs officials to determine the duties needed from a general examination of the included goods. GAAP enforces strict guidelines when companies report earnings, while pro forma figures are better thought of as hypothetical earnings.

While this provides insight into a company’s historical health, creating pro forma financial statements focuses on its future. For this reason, these reports can be leveraged in several ways, including analyzing risk, projecting investments, and showing expected results before the end of a reporting period. A corporation may want to see the effects of three possible financing options.